Outdoor Decals

For customers who like making artistic statements on their vehicles, or anywhere else for that matter, we’ve made our art available for one-time print licensing. For only $50 we will permit a sign shop of your choosing to upload and print one of our digital files. The license allows for a maximum of two prints from the same file. This cost WILL NOT cover your printer’s cost for printing and installing the decals. You will need to have your printer quote those costs separately.

How the process works:

  1. You locate an outdoor sign shop in your area that can print and install our digital image file for you. The sign shop must agree to sign our One-Time-Only print license and also agree to destroy all copies of the digital file once the one (or two) decals are printed.
  2. You must then contact us through our contact form to let us know you would like to print outdoor prints of a piece of the gallery’s art. We will ask you to give us these 3 things:
    Tell us which piece of art you’d like to print as an outdoor decal(s).
    b. Give us your printer’s contact information.
    c. Make a $50 payment to the gallery for a one-time license to print the file.
  3. Upon receipt of your payment, we will contact your printer to get the contract signed, and to find out how they want us to upload the high-resolution, print-quality image to them. You will not personally receive a copy of the digital image file. It will go directly to your printer, and no more than two decals may be printed from the file. (All reproduction rights and copyright of the art will remain with the artist.)
  4. At that point your printer will be responsible for the quality of the prints, and for the quality of their installation on your vehicle.
  5. Also, at that time, you’ll be responsible for paying the printer’s cost for printing and installation of the decal.

Note: Any request to print more than two decals of the same image will be quoted separately. Please contact us through the contact form if you would like a license to print more than two of any image.



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